Exclusive News Bigg Boss 14 Show postponed for a month

The most popular show related to the Colors TV, Bigg Boss Show is about to have its 14th season. Due to the long time period of the Corona Pandemic, the lives of all the entertainment liking people were dull and boring. as this was the time related to the Bigg Boss 14 Live Streaming, but according to the latest news Bigg Boss 14 Show is again postponed to October.


Due to Corona, lives were colorless as the fans were waiting for the show eagerly. For the second time, it very bad news to all the fans of Bigg Boss 14 Show that the show is delayed due to the unfinished effects of Corona disease. Anyways the latest news about the reality-based Bigg Boss 14 Show Live is that we have received from the authorized sources is that the reality show is about to go on air in October. The promo of the show already has been aired which creates a lot of curiosity amongst the fans of the show Bigg Boss 14 Show.

According to the authentic news initiated from the staff of the Bigg Boss 14 Show is that the show will be made on air in October. All the reports are in the favor that the effects of the international disease are not yet finished and its effective evaluation results are giving peak values inside the subcontinent. One of the points in the delay reports is also that monsoon is untrue. The Bigg Boss 14 Show team was on the final stage to make it live on 27 September 2020 because all the activities were finished.

Due to COVID-19 circumstances, every contestant will be quarantined for the first few days or weeks at a different location in various hotels located in Mumbai.

This season theme of the Bigg Boss 14 Show is totally different from the past thirteen seasons. At the present time theme of the show is related to the lockdown which was made during Corona peak days. However celebrities are about JasmineBhasin, PavitraPunia, RamandSaghar&Ejaz Khan are some of the finalized contestants.


Some of the others season Salman khan is going to be the most active host of the Bigg Boss 14. From the history of the season, it is clear that the reality show is one of the most-watched shows of this world. In the Bigg Boss, 13 SidhartShukla emerged as a winner and AsimRiaz was the first runner up.

Reports: Bigg Boss 14 Show is postponed. Know why?

Bigg Boss 14 Show will be hosted by Bollywood superstar SalooBhai for the 11th times for which all the Bigg Boss 14 Show fans were waiting with a long interval of dull & boring locked down part of life, due to spread of international disease. it is clear from today’s scenes that the results obtained about the Corona disease are not collapsed but they are reduced to some extent. by those results, it is said that all the Bigg Boss 14 Show fans have to wait a little bit more about a month. From the past news & promos it was known to everyone that the show will be live in September, but now the Bigg Boss 14 Show will be made on-air in the first week of October.

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it can be seen from today’s report the show will also get high popularity due to its most popular theme vision. This time the most reality-based show is not affected by the present circumstances but its fans and maker team have a great influence on its timeline.

it was said that the maker team planned a quarantine period of last week for all the contestants who will be finalized to participate in the great entertaining Bigg Boss 14 Show 2020. as per recent updates, all the team and makers have extended the on-air date.

Some days back makers released a teaser about the Bigg Boss 14 promotion on the official Twitter with this title “2020 kemanoranjanka scene palatneaarahahai, Bigg Boss 14 jaldaarahahaisirf Colors par. Catch Bigg Boss 14, 2020 before TV only on Voot live Bigg Boss 14. In the promo video, Salman Khan says “Manoranjanpe 2020 ne uthayaparashn, dengeuttarmanatehuyjashanab scene palate. KunkyBigg Boss dengue 2020 kojawab.”

Bigg Boss 14 Show’s house has been made and all the ornamental and aesthetic activities are done in Mumbai’s Film City instead of Lonavala. It is also said that this season Bigg Boss 14 will clash with the Indian Premier League. Some of the other good news is also rumored that Star Plus TV Channel is also ready to air NachBaliye around the same time when the Reality Show Bigg Boss 14 will be made live.


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